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Does Buying Real Estate In Indianapolis Indiana Sound Good To You?

indianapolis mapSince Indianapolis is the capitol of Indiana, you’re talking about a prime location for real estate investing. Whether you’re looking to add to your real estate portfolio or buying a home for you and your family, buying real estate in Indianapolis sounds like a plan. Almost a million people live in the city of Indianapolis, but that number doesn’t do it justice when it comes to its size ranking in comparison with other cities all over the US.

In fact, Indianapolis pulls #14 on the most populous US cities list, so that’s yet another reason why you might want to consider moving to the Midwest. Did you know that Indianapolis is called the Crossroads? That would mean that quite a few people are going to be coming your way. Of course, that nickname was given to the city in the olden days. Still, let’s look at some of the things to do while living or staying in Indianapolis.

Even if you’re going to just invest in property there, you want to get to know the city. Who said a little traveling and playing tourist ever hurt anyone? If you visit during the right time of year, you can pick up some tickets to the Indianapolis 500, which is only one of the biggest annual Nascar races. The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis is a big hit, too.

Bring the kids with you when it’s time to close on the property you’re buying in Indianapolis, Indiana, and take them to the race and the museum. Of course, there is much more to do in Indianapolis. It really does seem like a nice place to call home. You’re living in a big city, but you’re not in New York, Boston, Seattle or any other ‘typical’ big cities. Plus, you’re not in a huge coastal tourist city either.

You might be landlocked, but it’s not going to disappoint. Indianapolis seems like a city with quite a bit to offer yet with a laid back atmosphere. After taking the kids to that race while you’re there, you can also visit the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame. The Indianapolis Museum of Art is a really neat looking building a good place to visit as well.

Do you know a good real estate agent in Indianapolis? If not, you’re going to want to reach out to someone. You’ll be able to find many agent sites online, but since you’re not familiar with the area, you’re going to want to investigate for a few minutes. If you’re an investor, you’re going to want to get networked before you start buying up properties anyway.

If you’re looking to connect with one of the best real estate investors in therehabbing houses Indianapolis area, we would highly recommend Ryan Dossey and his company Christopher Ellyn Homes. He does everything from buying houses for cash if you’re in a predicament, rehabbing, residential, and commercial buying. Ryan’s company has been awesome to deal with in our experience and we couldn’t recommend someone else more highly.

Buying real estate in Indianapolis, Indiana could be the next move you make, even if it wasn’t what you first planned. Now that you’ve been introduced to the area a little, you’re ready to start searching out properties. You’ll find many different types of neighborhoods and residential properties in this booming city, and you might just call it home.

How To Find The Best Wholesale Deals On Real Estate

Many fortunes have been made in real estate, and many more will be made until the end of time because people need to have a place to live. Money has been made just selling homes, buying and flipping homes, and renting homes, it can be done in every different type of property that there is. One of the most important things that a real estate mogul will tell you is that you need to make your profit the day you buy the property, not when you sell it, in other words, buy real estate at wholesale then sell at retail.

Finding Property That’s Distressed Is Where The Bargains Are

You’ll hear people say this, but then they won’t tell you how to find those properties. Some will advise you to find a good real estate agent, but that can be a way to get you to stop looking for answers to your question. You really need to cut out the real estate agent altogether in order to make the most money on the deal.

Find A Good Area Of Blue Collar Homes Where Yards Are Fairly Well Kept

Then, gas up your car and start driving up and down every street in the neighborhood while you carefully look at each house. Any homes that have mail or flyers piled up on the porch, tall grass, a broken window, or other signs of neglect, write down the address. Take a minute to write yourself some notes about condition and upkeep.

If your electric company has little colored tags that they place on the

electric meters, find out which one indicates that the home is disconnected. Also, see if you can get a list of homes that are disconnected from the water company as well. These are all possible good deals that you may be able to buy with little or no money down and sell quickly.

Once You Have An Extensive List, Head To The County Clerks Office

This will be slightly different in every city or county, but somewhere there is a complete list of all the homes, who owns them, their tax evaluations, and other important information. Some places are even online and you can access all the information from your home computer.

You’re going to find all kinds of different situations. Some people have moved and abandoned their homes to find jobs elsewhere, other houses are rentals where the landlord is overwhelmed, some of the owners have died and the relatives don’t know what to do with the house. Once you have all the information you can find, you’ll need to start calling any phone numbers that you’re able to find.

At least 80% of the homes on your list are going to be in transition, not available now, but maybe later. Others you won’t ever find the owners, but several will be for sale for real cheap, especially if you have cash. The more homes you start with on your list, the more excellent prospects you’ll have at the end of your search to choose from.

You’ll find some homes that you can flip to another investor in a week and make a few thousand dollars to keep yourself from having to look for a menial job. Others you’ll want to do some repairs and throw them back up on the market quickly while others will make great rental homes. Either way, the best method for making money on real estate is to buy them wholesale and sell them at retail.wholesaling houses

Another way to locate wholesale deals is to have them find you. People out there are searching constantly for cash buyers to take a house off their hands for various reasons. One of the largest wholesale cash buyers in the nation is We Like to Buy Houses company. You can see their website for tips and tricks and they will even sell you wholesale leads if you like. —

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